Care and Repair: The Revolutionary, Democratic Power of a Global Green New Deal

Naomi Klein and Astra Taylor at Socialism 2019 Conference

“There is a grand story to be told here about the duty to repair — to repair our relationship with the earth and with one another, to heal the deep wounds dating back to the founding of the country. Because while it is true that climate change is a crisis produced by an excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it is also, in a more profound sense, a crisis produced by an extractive mindset — a way of viewing both the natural world and the majority of its inhabitants as resources to use up and then discard.”
-Naomi Klein, The Intercept, February 13, 2019

Moderated by Haymarket Books’ Dao X. Tran.

Recorded at the Socialism2019 conference in Chicago, sponsored by Haymarket Books and Jacobin.