We Stand with ACERO Charter Teachers

For the first time ever, teachers went on strike at a charter school.

Despite receiving public funding, charter schools are privately owned, and some are for-profit businesses.

Overcrowded classrooms, reduced services to students, and management scandals have inspired some charter teaches to form unions.

Teachers at ACERO in Chicago are demanding smaller class sizes, more diverse hiring, and better compensation.

They also want ACERO to improve special ed services, and to protect students and their families from immigration enforcement.

They also want more funds for Special Education, and protection for students and their families from ICE.

Chicago charter schools are better funded than CPS schools, but charter teachers are paid up to 30% less than CPS teachers.

ACERO underpays teachers despite an increase in state funding.They’re sitting on $28 million in unspent cash.

Charter school teachers demand more for their students.

CDSA stands with teachers fighting for the schools our kids deserve.