Ode to a Socialist Chicago

Help us celebrate our city’s radical history and envision a Socialist future!

Today, Chicago has six Socialists on City Council and is home to some of the most militant social justice organizing in the country. We stand on the shoulders of giants who came before us, from Mother Jones to Fred Hampton to Rudy Lozano and countless others who have called Chicago home. Yet we still have so far to go.

With this zine, we hope to capture our city’s spirit of radical resistance, to honor those who came before us and inspire the next generation of fighters. Lend your creativity to tell this story of Chicago: past, present, and future.

We’re looking for contributions in the following categories:
Creative Writing: Poetry, Short story, Essay, Short script, Song lyrics, Chants, Interviews
Visual Arts: Photography, Comics, Collage, Graphic design, Illustration, Prints

Submission Guidelines:

  • Must be original, non-copyrighted material
  • Word limit: 500 words or 50 lines
  • Accepted file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg., .png
  • Images accepted in both color and grayscale. Print copies of the zine will be produced in grayscale but a full-color digital version may also be published online.
  • Images should have a minimum resolution of 300dpi and a minimum width of 1650px.

Submission deadline: Accepted on a rolling basis until further notice. Submissions may be published on the Midwest Socialist website prior to publication of the zine.