To Transform Chicago, We Must Pledge To Grow CDSA

To Transform Chicago, We Must Pledge To Grow CDSA

We will need to organize either way. 

This week’s election, like every election for 20 years, has been branded “the most important election of our lifetimes.” It seems Joe Biden might manage to win the presidency, though Trump will likely challenge him in the courts. But regardless of the results, we know that the capitalist class will control the White House in November. And regardless of who sits in the White House in January, we need an organized mass movement. 

The United States will still be ruled by the wealthiest among us, people who will work viciously against Medicare for All, against labor, against breaking the pull of capital over our climate. Bosses will continue to make workers risk their lives during an uncontrolled pandemic to “save the economy.” Landlords will continue to throw their tenants out into the cold.  The police will still be militarized, still be racist, still be supported by a system that has no interest in holding them accountable. 

As DSA members, we know that only a mass movement of the organized working class can defeat the power of concentrated wealth of the bosses. By building this movement, we can stand up to the handful of powerful people who stand in the way of the world we deserve.

Our work here in Chicago DSA has shown how vital working class power can be. Four years ago, some of us were dipping our toes into this fight for the first time. Others had been part of movements for decades. But as CDSA has grown, as we’ve worked together, fought together, we’ve come to understand what a movement can win. 

We saw unions bring this city to a stand-still and gain concessions from a mayor who won’t listen unless forced. We helped six socialists get elected to city council. We then watched them struggle for the working-class people of this city and stand up against a vicious Chicago machine that prioritizes money and property over human life. We organized around rent control, around democratizing utilities, around Medicare for All, around defunding the police. We built coalitions with other organizations around this city, and learned that a more just Chicago can be built neighborhood by neighborhood.  

These past few years, new members have blossomed into leaders who will fight for socialism for their entire lives. We are constantly in awe of the work we see comrades do, and of how much of themselves they give to lift each other up. 

But we need to keep building. Capital in Chicago is strong, and we must be stronger. We need all hands on deck to build the world we need. 

How do we grow Chicago DSA? Everyone must be an organizer in their own lives. The working class will only be organized if we talk and agitate within our own schools, workplaces, and communities. 

So talk to your friends, your neighbors, and your co-workers about joining our fight. Sign the DSA 100K pledge and commit to talking to three people in your lives who are ready to fight back.

And if you’re not a member, or if you’ve been on the fence — join us.  Attend a virtual new member orientation or meeting, share your experiences with other people around the city, and hear about the work we’re doing. 

We can transform this city into a place where people come before profit, material resources are plentiful, and mutual care is the norm. But we cannot do it without your help in growing our organization and the socialist movement.

Join us! Let’s build a better Chicago with our neighbors and continue the struggle together.



Rachel Zibrat

Ada Vargas

Heather McLaren