The Midwest Socialist Podcast Returns

Hi all, welcome to the relaunched Midwest Socialist Podcast! My name is Matt T., I’m the host of the show and a member of the Chicago chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America! For the first episode of the relaunched Midwest Socialist Podcast I had a great talk with Aaron (@posadist_trapgd), one of my favorite twitter leftist personalities. We had a really fun and engaging conversation where we as BIPOC leftists felt comfortable expressing our opinions on the state of the American left, how we came to socialism, and why it’s important to keep solidarity alive in this movement. Aaron is also a part of a new podcast network called Rezistans Nwa with his podcast, The Vanguard Army Podcast, co-hosted by Lily (@LilTheTrill). Rezistans Nwa is a network dedicated to promoting Black leftist voices across the U.S. and Canada and it is definitely worth checking out.

I would like to mention that since the recording of this episode, two major events happened:

  1. On July 17th, a  Black/Indigenous solidarity rally was held at Grant Park in Chicago, IL to protest the statue of Columbus in the city and to stand with the recent American uprisings demanding justice for the Black community in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others.
  2. The same day, Congressman John Lewis passed away.

Chicago police responded to the Black/Indigenious Solidarity rally, where protestors attempted to take down a statue of Columbus in downtown Chicago, with egregious violence. Cops knocked out a young, Black woman organizer’s teeth, intimidated and assaulted a reporter, and committed other acts of violence.  A few days later, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot decided to “temporarily” remove the Columbus statue.

In the immediate aftermath of police violence against protestors, Mayor Lightfoot sent out a tweet in memory of Congressman Lewis.  It is important to point out the hypocrisy of our city’s mayor to send out a sentimental tweet commemorating the life of a Black civil rights icon who was beaten on the Edmund Pettis bridge protesting against racism and at the same time the police were perpetuating that exact same violence.  It is, to say the absolute least, a shame that this keeps happening to so many good people protesting for justice. A nation that attempts to commemorate a murderous, rapist, colonizer while also cherry picking a few good memories of a civil rights icon is a ridiculous excuse for a country.

It is incredible to see that we had an intersectional proletarian act of resistance taken up against the fascist pigs of Chicago on the evening of July 17th. Speaking for myself as a Native American, Mexican, Puerto Rican and a socialist I was thrilled to see the people of this city come together and fight for justice against colonizers and oppressors and I am proud of Chicago DSA for being a part of this event. The multi-racial proletarian struggle will continue, must continue, and no reactionary acts of violence can slow it down.

In the words of Fred Hampton: “You can jail the revolutionary, but you can’t jail the revolution…[because] nothing is more important than stopping fascism, because fascism will stop us all.”

Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ. Solidaridad Pa’ Siempre. All Power To The People.

-Matt T.