Debs For Our Time – Graphic Novel Release

Think socialism won’t play in the Midwest? Join historian and Madison DSA member Paul Buhle to learn about his new graphic biography of Eugene V. Debs: socialist, labor organizer, presidential candidate, and Midwesterner. Hear how history and Debs’ homegrown brand of socialism are relevant to our work today and can inspire us to build a more just future.

Paul Buhle is a retired lecturer at Brown University and resides in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a longtime member of Democratic Socialists of America, edited the graphic novel Red Rosa, and is the author of Eugene V Debs: A Graphic Biography.
Artist David Nance is a long-time Madison progressive and assisted in researching and scripting the Debs work.
Allen Ruff (event host and emcee) is a historian who has been active in the Madison left for decades. You can hear him on WORT on their Thursday edition of A Public Affair from noon to 1 PM.

This was sponsored by DSA Madison and took place at A Room of One’s Own Bookstore in Madison WI on March 21, 2019